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Centrifuge INVERT 70 XLwith Pressure Regulation and Mounting Plate

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Save money by reusing waste oils for burning or driving!!!!

Centrifuge Greenbull INVERT 70 with maximum flow rate 700 litres per hour  XL Version.

The 70 centrifuges with inverted rotors simply outperform other centrifuges with regular centrifuges having the nozzles at the bottom - in the most relevant criteria


Dirt Collection Capacity

and waterretention


This kit is delivered with connectors - 2 port valve regulator -pressure gauge, mounting bolts, and mounting plate (no mounting bracket). An additional gearpump with a capacity of appr. 30 lpm, and 7 bar is required.


  • No more plugged filters-filter bags
  • Cleans waste oils(see below) effectively from particles up to 1 micron
  • Inverted rotor permits up to 3.5 liter dirt collection capacity, superior to similar models
  • Inverted rotor allows for collection of water in rotor as no back flow is possible when rotor stops
  • The highest possible G-Force at rotor wall: 3800 G, no other centrifuge in this category offers comparable values



Details Specification:

  • Height- diameter: 250mm(allow for free space of 350mm!) -170mm
  • Max particle tolerance 250 Micron - prefiltering is necessary before pump(suction filter or filter bag)
  • Min-Max Presure: 2 - 6 Bar
  • RPM at different pressure: 3 Bar - 5200, 5 Bar - 6900, 6 Bar - 7600
  • Requires pump to produce necessary pressure for centrifugal force
  • Inlet thread: 1/2 inch x 1.5
  • Kit includes: Centrifuge, 2 Port Ball Valve, connectors, 2 x T joints, oil filled pressure gauge(see picture)and mounting platform with 25mm drain

· For best separation waste oils should be heated to approximately 50°C

· Use 3 port valve to adjust pressure reaching the centrifuge do not exceed 6 Bar

· Prefilter to a minimum of 250 microns before pumping the oil


A high quality gear pump creating a minimum of 5 bar pressure in continuous operation and a minimum of 30 litres per minute is required

Waste oils:

  • Grease from cooking
  • Waste vegetable oil from restaurants
  • Fish oil from the food industry
  • Engine oil in farming equipment
  • Hydraulic oil in construction machinery, mining etc.
  • Gear oil in rolling mills and wind power stations
  • Lubricating oil in saw mills
  • Pump oil for suppliers
  • Crude oil in oil reprocessing
  • Base oil in oil production
  • Compressor oil in plants
  • Cooling lubricating oil for machine tools
  • Fuel oil in heating plant
  • Transformer oil in power stations and substations
  • Vegetable oil in biodiesel production
  • Rapeseed oil as fuel
  • Palm oil in plant strength-work
  • Sun flower oil for animal feed
  • Linseed oil for wood preservation and colour
  • Coconut oil in cosmetics
  • Salad oil at oil press
  • Roast oil in restaurants
  • Grease from cooking
  • Waste vegetable oil from restaurants
  • Fish oil from the food industry
  • and much more. Contact us.