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INOX 150W Kit Heated Waste Oil Filter

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Item Number: [4087 INOX10]
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The robust problem solving for all universal waste oil burners (Kroll, Giersch, Green Power, etc.) up to 40kW heating power, all oils heated to 60 ° C and subsequently filtered to 1 μ.

The kit includes a vacuum-meter to control the end of filter life, it must be mounted between the exit of the filter and the burner. Designed specifically for used motor oils and waste vegetable oils.


  • Even with combustion of motor oils, no significant deposits in the combustion chamber, no deposits on nozzle.
    Suitable also for all the major oil/fuel categories-grades (EL DIN 51603-1, DIN V51603-6, frying oils, FAME DIN 14214, motor oils, etc) thanks to Viton seals
  • Operating pressure up to 5 bar, or -5 bar suction
  • Extremely low pressure drop 0.1bar (DIN12514-2, 50% degree of pollution)
  • Temperature self-regulation through innovative PTC heating element
  • High quality stainless steel housing (AISI 304)
  • Long filter life due to large filter surfaces
  • Simple connection to standard electric safety plugs
  • Easy change of filter cartridges by opening - turning the ring closure
  • Mounting with bracket

  • 105mm diameter height 219mm
  • Port threads male 3 / 8 "
  • Heating power 230V 150 W
  • Delivery: 1μ spare filter cartridge, filter housings, mounting brackets made ​​of stainless steel, key-ring seal for filter housing, oil tube with 3/8" couplings on both ends 750 mm length

    Application assembly important tips:
  • Assembly in accordance with standard fuel filter or prefilter in front burner with standard fuel hoses without changing the existing 2- tube arrangment. Connect existing tube to port OUT , connect new oil tube to port IN and to exisiting prefilter
  • Please note the 1 μ filter works from the inside out - the pre-heated oil is preheated in the center and then passes through the two stage filter media!
  • Always use pre-filter between 50μ to 100μ - (a prefilter or suction strainer) otherwise premature clogging of the filter-or failure may occur
  • If necessary heat - insulate the fuel hose to the burner
  • Chemical contaminants are not removed by the filter!

Spare Parts: Viton O-rings Set Nr. 4088 Replacement filter insert 1μNr. 4085